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Rhinehart's Journal

Gotta start somewhere.

28 August 1982
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Now, the more important things. -hmmz- Well, I've lived a rather strange reality and become something of a philosopher. Life is the dream I can ne'er wake up from. But lately, I wouldn't really want to. The way things are going now, I'd like to remain asleep. I don't think reality could be much better than this dream. Anyway, aside from that, I don't really have a whole lot to say about myself. I'm a man of few words, but I've managed to be rather good at dispensing advice, so long as people are willing to listen. Oh well. That's about all I can really think of for now.

Some links.

M'favorite webcomic of all time.

Other places I go when I'm bored out of my skull.
Albino Blacksheep
Pay homage to the Lord and Master, Foamy, or suffer his Squirrely Wrath!
When come back, bring pie! Wanker.

Maybe I'll post s'more links later. I don't really care to right now.
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